Monday, October 13, 2008

Ek Adhoori Kavita....ek baras baad :)

19 August,this year,saw another milestone accomplished.A week after "Jaane Bhi Do yaaro" completed 25 years,my blog "Ek Adhoori Kavita" completed an year.Like infinite other things in
my life,whenever I look back at my blogging journey,it does make me feel a bit emotional.It started simply by an attempt to share my poems on a forum but for the past few months I have
enjoyed writing on a variety of topics.I know there are a few,who are eager to have me back to my poetic ways,have a Hindi post from my side,actually I myself want this badly.Its just that I havent been much into Hindi poetry lately but will definitely try and come up with,what was the primary driving force behind this blogging idea.Yun bhi kalakar ke marne se pehle kala to maregi nahi...kuchh der so zaroor sakti hai :)

Thank you all for your support in making this a sweet and, indeed a memorable journey.I take this as an opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude towards everyone who contributed to

Kavya,you have been the biggest inspiring force,a friend who always encouraged me to try and improve,one who always made me love my own imagination.A very special thanks to you.

My sister Ankita who often surprised me by commenting on my blog and it was always special
to have support from such fronts.Hope I live upto your expectations in my efforts always.

My friends like Gauri and MK deserve a special mention.You two were the forces behind 4 to 5
posts on this blog."Kya Hindi aisi bola jaati hai" about MK's linguistic genius has the maximum
comments while "Lafzo ki Imaarat" inspired by a line Gauri (Gaurav Saxena from Gzb remember??) uttered remains my personal favourite among my compositions till date.

Pushpak,Nivedita,Vivek,Pallav,Vandana and all others who joined me in this journey of mine from time to time,you made me really enjoy it.I hope I find you people by my side in the future as well.

Now time to mention the biggest contributor,Prashant Bhaiya,the person who inspired me to get into blogging and has been a constant source of motivation and guidance.Bhaiya aapka aashirvaad milte rahe hamesha.In the past few months I have seen quite a few people around
me getting inspired by me to start their blogs,and it really felt special,felt importantant,and it was all because an year back you had a similar effect on me.

I wind up with a note of thanks to this place,called blogspot,where Sajal,the poet,Sajal,the person,Sajal,the dreamer...expressed himself on various topics.

"Mulaakato ke mele lagte rahenge yun hi...zindagi ka kaarwaa jab tak chalta rahega"



I somehow missed Sonal's name..hope he wont mind it..he has been a special element of support when it comes to my writing habits...thanks buddy :)

vivek's....... said...

thanx dost !!

Peyush said...

Sonal, Gauri
Ye naam ladkon ke kese hain :O
just kidding!
vese, keep on writing sajal ji, aur tarsiyega mut comments ke liye; aapke upar to yunhi baraste rahenge ese comments, hamesha! :)

Ragini said...

thanx a lot dear... feels so great to find my name in this holy space...

congratz on the anniversary!!! fans like me shall keep waiting for more on this space .. always :)

PD said...

बहुत बढिया सजल..
तुम हिंदी में लिखो या फिर अंग्रेजी में, दोनो ही बहुत अच्छा लिखते हो.. वैसे कुछ ही दिनों में मेरे ब्लौगिंग के भी 2 साल पूरे होने वाले हैं.. :)
@ Peyush - मेरा भी एक मित्र है गौरी.. बस गौरी.. आगे पीछे कुछ भी नहीं.. और हां, वो लड़का है.. :)

kavya said...

thanks a ton sajal...for always making me feel such a special part of ur life...yahan apna naam yun dekhna bilkul expect nahi kiya tha aur bahut overwhelming laga use always...bahut dino se is feeling ko miss kar rahe the jo aaj mil gayi mujhe...tumse...congrats blogging ka 1 yr complete karne ke liye!


@ Vivek...shukriya main kar raha hoon,ab aap uspe bhi thanks bolenge :P

@ Peyush ji...Gauri to vaise Gaurav hai..shukriya ji aapki jaisi hasti se comment paana ek khaas motivation factor hota hai

@ have arned ur place in this place by being so supportive...baaki aap logo ka support hi to sabse bada driving force hai mere liye

@ Bhaiya...blogging ke do saal poore hone ki badhayi abhi hi sweekar kar lijiye..vaise hindi post bhi jaldi hi aata hoga...mujhe khud besabri se intezaar hai apni kisi kavita ka :)

@ Kavya...I wrote what I felt...what i always do feel :)

Ashish said...

I am also inspired frm ur blog..


thats a matter of honour and pleasure for me :)

mast type se isi josh se likhte rehna dost

Pallav said...

manny manny happy returns on this momentous occasion.. first blog anniversary is actually a very special thing.. cant tell how many nights ive spent brainstorming bout how i'd celebrate mine..;)

but really.. on a more serious note, ur blogs are really good and the fact that they are so honest and so very much like YOU makes it even better.. jus dont let negetive comments come in ur way(and do i need to mention the culprit behind dat??) and continue this profound journey of self expression and mass edification..

N ya if i forgot to mention this.. UR blog ROXX!!

PS: dont mind the belated wishes though.. rather consider it more a case of.. as u would very charecteristically remark in a philosopical tone.."Der aaye, Durust aaye.."
Cheers.. :)


Thanks pallav...all the suggestions noted down..vaise surprisingly I celebrated this occasion a couple of months late...recently I have become horrible with dates :)

and those "culprits" are always welcome to have their share of honest criticical shots...they are really important to me :)

"der aaye durust aaye" is good,but Gauri ke words mein kahoon to "der se aaye par zor se aaye"

SGM said...

Belated congrats...I ve been reading ur posts regularly although havent been able to comment...u know the reason very well,dont you?...

So,just like a river keeps on flowing its course inspite of impediments like rocks,etc....I pray to Almighty that your pennings may also keep flowing without impediments like finishing of ink:).........

khushi said...

congr88s for completing one year...aise hi likhte raho... will love to read you.. :)

aditi said...

hey bhayi,
sweekaar karo meri hardik badhayi
aapke blog ne kar li ek saal ki kamayi..(oopss!)
aashcharya evam harsh se meri aankh bhar aayi..
jab aapke amulya blog pe maine jagah paayi...



keep reading buddy...its great to have readers like u

@ Khushi...thanks

@ sis...behatareen shayari...bhaav vibhor ho gaya main :)

k'sonal_theknowlegend said...

shud i say sorry ..for me being the pfirst person to b named in the commnt section n nt being able to post a commnt myself....???

k sajal will understand ..main thokk mein kaam karta hun...

so abt ur blogs-
what i sincerely think is...they r interesting in the beginnin bt lose their valour.(try to shorten,unless reqd.)

i wud fully concur wid pallav that ur posts r very honest n direct from heart...i luv this habit of urs.
wateva u write,u write wid full passion.
n if "was angry" acceptible as an excuse for bein late...toh yehi le le.

Pyaasa Sajal said...

Sonal..arre koi load nahi hai,though I was waiting for u since i posted this...chalo again..der se aaye par... :)

thanks for the suggestion...ab to kai logo ne ye keh diyaa it is getting slighly shorter as lately I have started writing directly with no rough work...willlook into ur suggestion surely

keep reading...