Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Visit To Paradise...

Delhi Public School,Ranchi...for most its just the name of a school...for me though,apart from the obvious,it means a lot more.I,ladies and gentlemen,in whatever form am existing,owe it a lot to this place.My overall personna,from the way I speak,smile,laugh to the more important ones like the way I firt etc...have been affected largely by this institution.So when I made a visit to this place(couple of months back),as an alumni of the school,I knew it would be a special moment.

A really beautiful aspect of the statistical irony is that things never turn out to be as good as one wishes...its always worse or better than that.For me,it turned out to be way better than I had expected.It was a fairytale experience,everything being so goody goody and happy happy.About my student life,by some miracle of a combined effect of favourable factors and crucial coincidences,I was a good student for most of it.I was naughty,but in an innocent manner,which kept me making a favourite among many teachers.All said and done,I did expect a good response on my visit.

The day was officially a holiday for students,as vacations had started,but the teachers had to report for a couple of days more.This meant that most of the teachers were free.It was fun meeting them.The icing on the cake was that I had another friend with me,who also had a very very 'popular' student life and was a darling of teachers.Suddenly I was begining to feel a happiness which was above most feelings.It was like I wanted to shower as much respect as I
could,to my teachers in those few moments...and surely it was damn sweet,really cute.My reply when a hindi teacher commented about my height and the need for me to grow taller,was" prakriti ke saath jitna kam chhedchhad kiya jaye utna achha hai" and I had half of the staff
room staring at me.Well,philosophy doesnt flow in daily there I realised.The manner in which I interacted with two of the most senior teachers of my school was very times felt as if I was kind of teasing them,and the funny thing is...I really enjoyed it.Visit to Maths Lab was another superb feeling,more so because we didnt have one in our times.I even suggested a book for such stuff,and felt important,when mam assured that she will make it available in the gave that typical 'alumni' feel.

Every passing minute made the visit even more special.Now it was the turn to go around our 'old building' .We were welcomed by a teacher of the junior classes(whom we grew up seeing as a 'young girl') who commented:"us building mein itna change hua hai,ye vaisa hi hai, to isko kyon yaad karoge";when the philosopher inside me came up with the prompt reply: "yahaan change nahi huaa hai isiliye ye zyaada apnaa lagta hai"..The most special part was our short stay in the
Ladies Staff Roomof this building.I stood there surrounded by teachers,who have made my present and are still contributing,though in an indirect manner, in shaping my future.Teachers were really happy,in fact ecstatic on meeting us.Words cannot sum up how proud,how good I was feeling then.Moreover with my above average sense of humour,I really brightened up the mood.Teachers cashed in on the opportunity to break free from the daily monotony and the
staff room turned into a miniature party hall.Some of the teachers remebered things from my childhood(my history teacher of class 6 and 7 told others how I was always the first one to submit the answers in the class test)...I provided a special touch from time to time.

I think I actually realised what it is like,being a teacher.We as students witnessed changes in our academic career from junior teachers,to the senior ones,to the more senior ones to the college life..while for them,it is like the same life,everyday,over and over again.We then shared many things..I was asked quite a few times if I still was a naughty boy,and I kept on coming up with better(more witty) answers...teachers told us how with the awesome increase in the number of students and even more awesome fall in levels of values and discipline(since ourtimes),now they dont feel any attachment towards the kids...I must admit those were emotional moments for me..I realised a lot of things,understood many...made a few promises to myself(even told a
teacher that I will pay a visit to the school with my wife once I get married )...really hope to fulfill them.
Nostalgia is a funny thing...makes u feel sad and yet you are quite happy about it.I will always miss my school days,but I believe,in fact I know...that a part of DPS will always live in me.


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sajal said...

thanks mate

Ashish said...

hey sajal I thought u r very good at hindi.........but u have left me flabbergasted by ur good english writing sense....just kiding....I always knew that a writer like u cannot be captured by 1 language...

2 more things

1.........."A really beautiful aspect of the statistical irony is that things never turn out to be as good as one wishes...its always worse or better than that....... this is really a marvelous line

2......." prakriti ke saath jitna kam chhedchhad kiya jaye utna achha hai"......there u r with ur invincible hindi phrase and philosophy

surabhi said...

"even told a
teacher that I will pay a visit to the school with my wife once I get married"...wahh kya "vaada" hai..lolzz..
hey looooong tym no news... ki haal chal hai??

kavya said...

baby just one word fo u---"superb"
kuchh sentences yaad ho gaye mujhe and am really amazed by ur english as well!!
keep making me feel "nostalgic"

sajal said...

thanks buddy...I do hope that I dont get captured by any language...thanks for the encouragement :)

@ Surabhi
such a pleasant surprise!! finally u discovered a way to get in touch...everything fine here...tum apna report do...aur haan,I really do hope main apna "vaada" poora karoon

@ Kavya...nice comment abt my English :P
if someone like you gets impressed by it,then I guess it has to be above hope to keep making u feel "nostalgic"