Sunday, June 29, 2008

PARODY-4....Kuchh kuchh hota hai

This is the last one that I have written so any other karan Johar movie,I was totally dissapointed by this movie...some of the reasons for it may reflect on the "ekanki"...I hope people(especialy those who like this movie) wont take it otherwise... thanks :)

Its the scene where Rahul and Anjali meet...Rahul has to tell her that he is in love with Anjali,while Anjali has to express that she loves the scene :P

rahul: heyyy anjali...aaj main bahut khsh hoon,mujhe tumse kuchh kehna hai.

anjali: mujhe bhi kuchh kehna hai.

rahul: pehle tum

anjali: pehle tum

rahul: jis tarah lucknow ke nawaabo ki gaadi pehle aap,pehle aap karte karte chhot gayiiii,vaise hi humari baat,pehle tum pehle tum mein reh jaayegi.chalo main kehta hoon.koi mil gaya....main to hil gaya....

anjali: achha,bas yehi bolna tha ab meri baari."aksar ek ladki is haal mein,ek ladke se solave saal mein,jo kehti hai wo mujhe kehna hai"

rahul: hmmmmm...anjali,anjali...kahin tumhe mujhse pyar to nahi ho gaya?

anjali: haan,aur kya?kuch kuch hota hai rahul

rahul: ye kuch kuch kab hua tumko?

anjali: claas mein jab mam ne pyar pe wo sawaal kiya naa,to pehle to main has rahi thi ki kaun se collg mein,final year mein,aisa sawaal poochhte hai. par fir tumhara reply sunke,kuch kuch ho gaya rahul.tumne hi to kaha tha pyar dosti hai.

rahul: haan,kaha tha.par ye kahaan bola tha ki har dosti pyar hai.jaane kya kya soch baithi tum?mujhe pata hota ki meri baat ka itta asar hoga to main kehta ki pyar..achanak mein ek khoobsoorat ladki se takra jaana hota hai....pyar ek videshi ladki se hindustani bhajan sunnna hota hai aur aur.....

anjali:rahul...tum tina ki baat kar rahe ho na??kya rahul,tumhe uski chhoti skirt aur classical bhajan ka diverse combination dikha par humari saalo purani dosti nahi dikhi "tujhe yaad na meri aayi kisi se ab kya kehna"

rahul: nahi anjali..nahii...main tumhara dil nahi todna chahta,kabhi nahi.main confused hoon

(tina enters..)


rahul: haan samajh gaya.heyyyy...dekho faisla to karna hoga naa.tum dono mujhpe flat ho lekin ek bhartiy mard hone ke naate main ek ko hi choose kar sakta hoon.achha ek race karaate hai.

anjali: mujhe laga basketball kheloge...par race bhi thik moti to zaroor haregi

rahul: ek recent film mein aisa race tha jisme saamne se train aati hai aur do log patri pe daudte hai.

tina: par to bahut dangerous hai...agar kuchh ho gaya...kisi ka pair fas gaya to??

rahul: to kya? tab doosri waali uski madad kar degi aur fir pehli waali meko uske liye sacrifice kar degi..heheyeee....dekho sab filmy grounds pe chala to faisla zaroor 5 min ki race rakhte hai....jaao apne upar waale se ye 5 minute cheen lo...apni sabse achhi daud laga 5 minute tumhare zindagi ke sabse khaas 5 minute hai....aeyyyy....daro mat tum dono!!

train paas aaye,seeti bajaye,tum hi kaho hum kaise,race lagaaye.....ab to mera dil,dar ke maare rota hai....kya karoon haaye....kuch kuch hota hai!!


Sutta said...

Not bad! :P

Pallav said...

yaar tune koi gandi aadat to nahi paal li na?? matlab ki tu nashe mein to blogs nahi likhta na?
coz i didnt expect such hopeless stuff from u..neither is it comical nor witty or sarcastic..plsss donmt spoil ur excellent blog with such stuff..


@sutta...thanks :)

@pallav :P

thanks for having a look and commenting so honestly...but about the writing and thsi new experiment...I have enjoyed it more than anything(really)...and got beter response than u think this "hopeless" stuff will get...

so this is something to stay...u have the liberty to avoid it in the future :)

RUBAI said...

kuch kuch hota hai
the film is synonymous with my first tryst with bollywood in a big way.And above all my tryst with rani mukerji.How can I forget that famous dialougue:rahul mujhse dosti karoge?"I was 9 then.It got released on the 16th of october,yes I still remember that date.I rushed t my sister who was a bolly freak by then.she was a huge srk fan.The buzz in kolkata was "srk kajol back again along with our own girl rani".not because she has a connection with bengal.somehow tina conned into mt heart.So did kajol with an extraordinary performance as anjali.Each and every expression of hers were brilliant and still etched in my memory.srk was at his best.How can somebody forget kajol's wry face when srk confessed his love for rani.THat was brilliant and how can forget rani's cute dialougue."how sweet"...the film entertained me to the hilt.I was spellbound by the youthfulness and emotiones engrained in the script.
yes but not only sajal but many people dismissed it as a candyfloss.I respect their opinions.bUT personally i will always remember the film.

sajal said...

thats sweet of u Raj :)

I watched dis movie only recently...just didnt appeal to me,but I too respect the opinion of everyone who liked it

k'sonal_theknowlegend said...

i think this is the best parody..we can expect frm an amateur realy wud hav taken much tym ..i thinkk!!

n abt ur new exp..they r really gud man..keep on!
i don agree in ne ways wid pallav.
keep posting these ,plzzz.
yaar bloggin is nt always abt jotting som crap in jargony style.its simply writin watevr u feel is wrth being told it ur personal views r critics r nething out of the cast.
keep bloggin dude..i lyked ur post.

sajal said...

Thanks Sonal...that was realy encouraging...

ankita said...

this s 4 d 1st tim i m postin a comment on ur blog..
tere pehle k do posts jo maine padhe the usse pura alag hai.mazaa aaya padh k kyunki pehli baar pura smjh aaya..aise isme smjhne ka jyada kuch tha nhi.av tera pura blog padhne ka socha hai..lets c aur kitno mein main comment krti hun..


waiting for ur feedbacks...I do hope u enjoy reading here

Ankit said...

Ruthlessly hilarious...Enjoyed it..nice creativity

Pyaasa Sajal said...

thanks mate!!