Saturday, February 7, 2009

Experience Spring Fest-09 (Part1)

sair kar duniya ki gaafil,zindagani fir kahaan...zindagani gar rahi to naujawaani fir kahaan...

I was away from blogging for some time,as I had a good 10 busy days lately(which was upto 26 jan,but stayed idle for some more time).I was a member of the team from Dramatics Society of my college(team of around 20 people),which reprsented the college at Spring Fest,IIT Kgp.This meant that I had to miss classes,a gd session in my college,and I was supposed to miss out on a computer course as well,I decided to make all the sacrifices,because "passion first" has been my motto,and am glad I took this decision.

SF-09 was soemthing which I was always expecting to be a special experience,becuase I had a godly experience at Kshitij(tech fest of IIT Kgp) last year.The expectations were sky high,on proffesional terms,our team had to perform a play and a nukkad at SF.The plannings were being done for a good amount of time,but making this whole thing work out was a challenge in itself.The prospect of watching KK perform got many people even more interested,which eased out the things a bit.I wrote a 30 minute play's scipt,which I would frankly admit,has been one of the most challenging and satisfyibng things that I have done.Nukkad's script was finalised during the last moments,the various elements of decision making process again intensified the challenge.At one stage,the play was even scrapped,but finally we went to Kgp,as a happy bunch of people,well prepared for both Nukkad and Rang Manch(play),at least mentally,and I for sure,knew that Kgp will again provide me with a lifetime experience.

Things didnt start out well for us,as we had to wait for over 4 hours,sitting in the open,with all our luggage,due to certian "technical' problems.After a good amount of sustained effort from certain tired souls,our team finally got registered.We were begining to come into the 'nautanki' mode then itself,as we kept ourselves,and others who had gathered,entertained with out antiques.In fact the fun and frolic had began during the train journey,and the drama society,in its first such visit,was coming into its own,and quite confidently so.Summing up the situation so far...we had reached kgp at around 4.30 in d morning with an average sleep of say 3-4 hours(and that after significant efforts by varios TTs and security persons).We were 'accomodated'(the word really suits here) in a hall,it probably was 4 times the size of our hostel room(for 1 person) and 70 of us took guard,along with the bag and baggage.I deesperately wanted to have some rest,but then few of us decided to enjoy ourselves in an event called break free.
5-6 of us somehow pushed ourselves for it,after completing the couple of daily activities.It was an event where we were supposed to do anything in 60 seconds,was a great concept,but I had never been a person confident of facing such events.Most of my friends decided for comedy during the 1 minute,while I was suggested on trying something poetic.When we reached the venue,the event had started,I had not thought of anything,and my turn was a few minutes away,now I was begining to get the true feel of the Fest.I somehow managed to jot down a few lines on "main ek minute mein kahee gayi baat hoon",but soon things turned ugly for me.IIT Kgp students just cared for 3 things in the e,vent,GIRLS(didnt matter much how they looked),Kgpian performers and comic performers..I didnt fall in any such category,and judging by the proceedings I was sure to receive the kind of response I had never seen in my life.I almost dropped the idea of participating,but when the moment came,I gathered the strength,and recited my lines confidently,though I did face my share of hooting..though not to the extent I had expected.6 of our grp members took part in the event,and it was fun for most of us,though it was a pretty anxious for me.Finally we decided to have the best thing we could at that time,it was time for lunch,breakfast,snacks or whatever category one could think of.Jut as we were about to be seated in the cheapest dhaba of kgp(I love it,even though food isnt good),we came to know that 5 of us had qualified for 2nd round of break free which was about to begin,now I was totally getting into the fest mode.Even the so called basic necessities of life took a backstage during those moments,and thus we made our way back to the auditorium.Now for some stats,14 out of around 60 registered people qualified for second round,and 5 of the 6 in our group did.We were high on confidence,I surely was,it was like passing a test which was making me go real nervous.High on confidence,but low on ideas,thats what I was,60 secs had changed to 90 secs now,I had no clue what I would do now."main dedh minurte mein kahee gayi baat hoon" didnt seem like a good idea,and would have been a 'touch' repetitive too.But as things turned out,the 2nd round of break free turned out to be a truly amazing experience for us.Ideas came out of somewhere,most of us performed standups,and BIT was at its vintage best.No Kgpian came even close to our performances,it was a proud moment,where one and all present in the audi,must have realised the class that this drama team displayed.We easily bagged the 1st 3 positions(and I think would even have secured 4th and 5th if they would have been given).I got the 3rd prize,and the 1st thought was about the moment when I was trying to pull out due to fear of humiliation.My second act was a standup cum mimicry act,where I indirectly conveyed my view that SF for Kgpians only means looking around for girls(and quite desperately I must say).Needless to say it was party time after that,we finally managed to feed ourselves at 3.30 pm.I was in tears when I gave the news about the event at my home,the next couple of hours were really cheerful for all of us.It was followed by KK's show,which was the major attraction for most people.It started out in the most boring fashion for me,as I have never been a fan of KK,but slowly I got into masti mode with my friends,and in the end I managed to have a good time even though the songs were pretty much uninteresting for me.It was a mixed day for us,there were moments of frustation as well as moments of ecstacy.I had my first meal at tikka,which also made me nostalgic.We didnt practice even for a minute the whole day,which meant that the next day was supposed to be a busy one....(contd)


Ashish said...

".........IIT Kgp students just cared for 3 things in the e,vent,GIRLS(didnt matter much how they looked),Kgpian performers and comic performers.."

very true I care only for girls too :P
and yes I'd like to know the whole thing.....matlab SF'09 from u in next posts as I was sleeping in my room :P
and I know that you'll do it very critically

"..... I decided to make all the sacrifices,because "passion first" has been my motto,and am glad I took this decision....."

This was another line which I also agree and I also have done similar things in life :)

kuldip..the illusionist said...

indeed.......a great experience.Thanks for refreshin my memory through ur bolg.

SGM said...

Although I had heard about these incidents from the horse's mouth itself(pun unintended),I nevertheless enjoyed the post.

Looking forward to the future pieces in this puzzle.