Friday, February 13, 2009

Experience Spring Fest (part 2)

As expected the next day mostly went into practice.Of course there were certain distractions,and other formalities,but practice for the play remained at the centre stage.The major attraction for me was the much awaited Hasya Kavi Sammelan during the evening.Unfortunately the general excitement for it,was nothing in comparison to the one they people had for "kal ka chhokra" KK.There is a reason why Hindi is regarded as being neglected in present scenario.Anyway we were yet to have a run through of our play,and we were quickly approaching the evening.I was begining to get anxious.Finally when the Kavi Sammelan was just few minutes away,we managed our 1st run through.It indeed was a very good performance,and as soon as we were done with that I rushed for the Sammelan.The situations played a sort of joke on me,and the next few hours were pretty much eventful for me.Unexpectedly the response for the Sammelan was amazing,but I somehow amanged to get inside the audi.I was surprised to discover that we were treated to a classical and westerm music fusion program,with the name of hasya kavi sammelan.The program was amazing and I thorughly enjoyed it.I had no complains from this event,just when it was announed that Hasya kavi Sammelan will now be a different venue.This meant that I would miss out almost completely on the drama practice,I had to take a decision,and there were no second thoughts.Interests can be curbed,maybe even passions can,but then there are few things which are even over this,this was too special for me.We had the 1st slot for the play the very next morning and I had hardly practiced my part,but I knew I could not miss this opportunity,something inside me was telling me to go for it.My gut feeling was proved right,the next couple of hours turned out to be among the most special moments in my life.Among the poets was the young poetic sensation Dr. Kumar Vishwas,someone who has been a hugely inspiring figure for me lately.It was great listening to all the poets,it certainly was the most special event for me.One of the poets very much impressed me by his views,and the passion with which he put forward his ideas.Yet it was watching Kumar Vishwas live on stage that made it a god level experience,I knew I wont regret missing out on my practice,I knew I would always be proud I came for Spring Fest,my trip was already a success.Those were purely magical moments for me,moments of sheer ecstacy,no doubt it was once in a lifetime experience,an experience which will stay very very close to my hear always.I did get some scolding as I returned after "7" long hours,but I decided not to argue over it.Already a couple of other issues had been raised earlier which pointed towards my temperamental aspect.In my heart I knew,there are right and wrong things,but then there are certain things,which are just necessary.It was the conclusion of another very eventful day.The next day,we had our rangmanch as well as the nukkad.I was pretty confident about performing well in the play...I went to sleep a satisfied and a confident man.

Third day at SF was when we performed our both group acts.Everyone played their parts in the play beautifully,what i loved the most was the ease with which we conducted it,there was hardly any pressure on anyone.Everyone was more than satisfied at the end of it,I personally believe we presented on stage,a dramatic act of really superior quality,and like many others,I was pretty confident that this would be a prize winning act.I would like to make a special mention here,as a note of thanks,to one of my friends from Kgp,who came to watch the play.The gesture meant a lot to me,as she was the only one to turn up,when I had invited about 5-6 friends of mine,anyway no regrets,I wastotally immersed in a feeling of satisfaction then.The nukkad was to begin shortly,and I didnt even have my lines,as the narrator.We practiced for some time,and we really enjoyed it.I feel it maybe the funniest nukkad for almost everyone who got to witness it.Again the systematic nukkads that most teams performed did make us a little nervous,but once again our team came out trumps.The nukkad also turned out to be a big hit,it got more claps,more smiles,more laughs,than any other nukkad(I didnt see all of them,but am pretty sure about this).Unfortunately no video of nukkad was made,but those images shall remain in my memory,those again were proud moments for us.It was like a mission accomplished.Dramsocs was a happy unit,Vivek Bhaiya and Kuldip Bhaiya(2 of the most important people behind this) must have been highly relieved men after this.As for the expectations,we had hopes from both the acts,and really high hopes.I personally,knew the fact that our nukkad wasnt technically very correct,not withstanding the fact that it was easily the most entertaining one,so I was a little sceptical about it.

The relieved souls just roamed about,most of the time doing the most important thing of the SF,trust me you get to see plenty of pretty faces.Everyone was involved in certain formalities like packing for some time,some tired ones took rest,I was still miles away from inaction,and kept myself busy in some or the other act(like getting the accomodation refund,which again happens to be a lengthy process).The evening had a couple of rude shocks for us,as we didnt win in either play or the nukkad.Different people took it differently,but one and all in our team were affected.For me,it was a great learning experience,prize or no prize,I was still a satisfied man,and in my heart,I knew that we were just unlucky not to be considered among the top 3 in the play.It was getting a little emotional for me,also because we were nearing the end of the fest.Also I was indirectly scolded by one of my seniors for a stupidity of mine during the play,I just hope I learn from the mistakes that I made,which will make the trip even more sucessful.I spent most of the time during the closing hours with one of my school friends,and a kgpian now,and it was great talking to him.We chatted on a variety of topics,and I wished that it could continue for a lot more time.The senti minutes ticked by,got converted into hours and soon it was bye bye time.

The expressions on some of our faces when we returned to Ranchi station summed up the nostalgia and the level of involvement that we had displayed.Most of us were exhausted due to the sustained energetic attitude that became synonymous to our presence,there for those days.I personally,was already missing the days,like many others.What a lovely trip it has been...Yo KGP,yo SF..and above all..Yo Dramatics society..."kachmachaa" diya hum logo ne!! :)


Ashish said...

hey thanks for mentioning about me in the penultimate para...I hope its me :P

It was great talking to you...I too loved it...hoping to see you again at SF'10

Sorry, for not turning up for your play.... :( :(

As far as winning and losing is concerned, it hardly matters when you are satisfied and content with yourself :)


BTW I didn't enjoyed the SF....."Ghar Ki Murgi Dal barabar" :P but yes I liked your company :)

It's easy to be nostalgic when you are too much involved in something

kuldip..the illusionist said...

waa......h sajla.... dil khush kar diya .. yaadein taaja kar di .
It was really a great d no wonder you remember evry moment of it.Us senior ki baat ko ab tak yaad rakhe ho kya ???

Ragini said...

it was nice reading this post.. direct frm heart .. and you guys rocked at the play !! seriously :)

Vineet Pandey said...

Looks like you had an amazing time. Great!

Pyaasa Sajal said...

obv its u Ashish...surely I hope to meet u again very soon..abt SF-10,u can surely expect me then..I do hope it happens...abt not turning up for play...You dont need to be formal with me,its absolutely ok... :)

@ Kuldip Bhaiya..baat to adhiktar yaad hai..most of them taught me a lot

@ Nivedita...thanks again for these kind words...I have already conveyed my special thanks to you in the post :)

@ Vineet..haan yaar,it was amazing

Benny said...

Though I don't knw any charcters,I felt I was there amidst u..good one dude!

Pyaasa Sajal said...