Saturday, March 28, 2009

This post is slightly complicated !!

The piece of writing below is CERTAINLY NOT my piece of imagination,well as many would APPRECIATE the point,that it cannot be.In all weirdness,these are words/phrases/watever uttered by one of our teachers.Many people may dismiss it as mere slit of pongues,but I,with my blessed aesthetic sense, have always enjoyed them thoroughly.All the readers who are unfamiliar with the person concerned will need a little imagination,a bit of visualisation,to APPRECIATE the comments,which were made in all seriousness.For the special class of readers who happen to be my classmates,am sure they would enjoy the remarks,and if possible,remind of other such instances they can think of...enjoy :P

It is very funny,no funny
It is very slightly complicated..very complicated
You make a pant,give a shirt,give a shirt,make a is the same
Obviously I dont have any intention of writing all these equations
Is it making logical sense or not?..why? (WTF??)
Ok anyhow I will explain now listen!!
In this thing,it is only for this thing
It is very IMPORTANT BUT I will try to explain it
Your book I have not put the mark,it is in the photocopy!!
I will explain,I have not completed according to my satisfaction
Are you appreciating my!!
I will finish today's class in one two statements!! (surprisingly the 2 statements took around 12 minutes)


shilpika said...

Point appreciated.........;)

SGM said...

Hey dude...sorry but I found this post really boring because there was nothing new in it for me(:P)....i was aware of everything and much much more(believe me,I have heard much more from him away from the class)....Are you appreciating my point???