Monday, April 7, 2008


Hello everyone
Today I am here to tell you a story.The title of my story is:" Kya hindi aisi bola jaati hai"
Once upon a time,in the campus of IIT-KGP,a group of friends had a great time.In the group was a really special person.Well,the special person was Sajal,who is sharing a special experience with you.But there was a comparatively less special person as well,who contributed hugely in making those days memorable.

Ok,now lets come to plain and simple description.The days at Kshitij(techfest- 08 at IIT KGP)are unforgettable for me,the reasons being innumerable.The overall experience of participating in events,attending the lectures and enjoying the struggle of life in minutest of aspects,it was fun really.I got to meet a very special friend of mine for the first time personally(cyber friends u know).There was a duration of few hours,where in the course of events,i reaffirmed the faith,not in front of others but in my own eyes,that am indeed living the life of a really good human being(and a friend).In a line,the days spent there are too close to my heart.

Now coming to the 'Hindi' thing(finally).Something which contributed in its own unique fashion,to the humorous aspect of the experiences.Well,no surprises if a college guy calls a 'hot' girl 'qayamat'(among his friends),but its when someone,actually,assumes that Qayamat means 'body'(???),u realise that he is no ordianry person.Gentle ladies and gentler men,meet my friend,Mrityunjay Kalita,who holds the distinction of getting 95 in hindi in boards.presenting the real picture before u,MK's lack of hold over the language,which incidentally happens to be the mother tongue of most of us,gave plaenty of chances to laugh our hearts out.His question "qayamat matlab body hai naa?" happened in the canteen of our college.Let us now focus on some of the experiences at KGP,some of the weirdest comments one will ever hear.

(to be contd.....its going to be super fun now!!)


Ragini said...

hey sajal, i have an idea, y not let the footnote of this post be... "qayamat se qayamat tak !!!!!!!!" :)


"qayamat"... :D idea....
qayamat word ka horizon bhi spread ho raha hai..literary geniuses at work :)