Sunday, April 6, 2008

simply....I HATE REMIXES!!

NOISE...noise is any kind of unpleasant sound;any pleasant sound falls under the category of music.These are just vague definitions ofthe two terms,but however specific one tries to be,there can never be a well defined boundary between the two.

Let me come to the topic of my concern,i.e Bollywood music.Over the years,innumerable melodies have been composed and the process continues till date.This is a field,which has witnessed incredible creativity and variety with constant experimentation.A recent revolution in the field of music albums(filmy and non-filmy) is the concept of remixes.Well,the concept, in no way is recent,but am talkingabout the kind of evolution it has undergone recently.

Starting with my personal opinion about this 'Remix Thing'...words actually can never do justice to the kind of HATRED i have for this whole thing,the way i loathe any kind of appreciation towards a work which simply deserves to be thrown into a dustbin.I am not going to give a moral lecture regarding the vulgarity in videos or something,am talking about the very concept of remix.I dont care if a disco number of 60s is remixed and presented as a soft romantic number...REMIX STILL SUCKS!!

So,why such harsh feelings?
I HAVE NO PROBLEM IN ACCEPTING MODERNISATION OF SONGS OF YESTERYEARS,ONLY IF ITS DONE AS A MARK OF RESPECT TO THOSE COMPOSITIONS,AS A TRIBUTE TO THOSE WHO COMPOSED IT.No issues in appreciating the scene where a few young ones ask a didi to return their ball,singing comic modifications of some songs(MR.INDIA) but just cant tolerate a crap where the incomparable voices of Asha ji,Geeta Dutt,Lata ji or Shamshad begum is replaced by a cacophony and a melody substituted by the worst possible sound track.In short,makeover is acceptable,but it has to be a "work of art",and not the "murder of art".

I,myself being somewhat a person with an artistic insight,do appreciate the fact that a SINCERE composition of a person is like his own offspring,can you even imagine your child being deformed in front of your eyes,is it possible for you to remain unaffected by it.Some masterpieces which were created only after a lot of honest and hard work went into it, with a pure and artistic perspectiveguiding the composer,are being tereated with times even with disdain..WHAT A SHAME!!

All this because you appreciate it,you are willing to pay for it.All the stuff about the need to move along,and the modifications being a need of hour,are pretty much meaningless.These developments in the field of remixes actually bear a testimony to the fact that the popularity of these numbers is still much more than most recent ones.Also the public loves it the way they are,without any need to go about killing the beauty of the hummable ones just because they can be played in discos etc in their modified version.Actually this nonsense of an explanation is often given by one of my close friends(already been mentioned a couple of times in my blog)."remixes are made so that the soft numbers of yesteryears become fit enough to be played in parties and discos"...already stated,i find it NONSENSE...they are not made for parties,leave them the way they are....we dont want people dancing to "jaine wo kaise log they jinke pyaar ko pyaar milaa".

Actually what worries me is the lack of respect that the generation of today,my generation,has for 'art and artists',more so if they dont really fall in this 'new' category.There is not a single community on orkut against 'remixes' but plenty which love it.Such things actually hurt me,i have cried more than once in arguments related to this 'old-songvs new-song stuff".What is desired is more of respect for the sincere artists,irrespective of their generation....and things sure will improve....
and as for the remixes.....they suck,no doubt :)
ek shayar ki kuchh lines share karta hoon(the shayar is me anyway):

कल शमशान में देखा था
शायर लेटा था कब्र के ऊपर
और उसके नाम को मिट्टी तले
दफ़ना दिया था ज़माने वालों ने....

just hoping that this wont happen....for a better future,we need to give our past its due respect....:)
thats it friends....


k'sonal_theknowlegend said...

neva knoew that u hated remixxes soooooooo much....
ya they may b a manipulation of old songs bt it isn't that remixin is bad.
may b the newer singer has a bettr idea abt hw the song cud hav ben presentd....may b he/she is havin a deepr understandin of the tunes n the videos in the song

i do not agree with u that "remixin is bad"..every1 has full r8s to sing a song the way he/she likes..


may b the newer singer has a bettr idea abt hw the song cud hav ben presentd....may b he/she is havin a deepr understandin of the tunes n the videos in the song

the day i find a single such example,am sure my feelings will become much more sober than....and am saying this after listening to many of such nonsensical works....u didnt get my philosophy actually :P