Monday, April 7, 2008


Here i present you an account of some really weird stuff.....kya hindi aisi bola jaati hai :)

Some people at engineering colleges do look like they should already be working in an MNC(age factor!!).But once when we friends came face to face with one such face,MK uttered those 'prophetic' words: "20-25 saal droupout hai ye ladkaa".I dont think I need to mention our reactions to it.It was during lunch time that MK gave us another reason to laugh,laugh and keep laughing."duniya ki har insaan humaari maa hai,uska mulya dekho".Thank god he didnt use his favourite 'daam' instead of mulya,I fear to think what i could have meant then.And ya,most lines of his anyway neither make any sense nor are related to the prevailing situation.
Consider the examples:
"tum log pe mat jaao"(can it mean ANYTHING??) or "kya janm deta hai in log"referring to a large group,comprising only of males(replace 'kya' by 'kaise' to get some idea of what he meant).Fata is such a nice and simple word,but when MK pronounces it as 'faataaa',the effect is hilarious.
Some of the expressions this fundoo friend of mine used while flirting with someone:
"tu itna zyaada mera fan ho gaya"..."tu to dhanee gharaane ki fal phool khaane waali ladki hai
'(I actually fell on the ground when I went into a burst of laughter at this one).Also when his flirting was well reciprocated by the girl,who also happened to be my close friend,these are the words his hindi gifted me:
"Tera friend mast hai,sudharne waali nahi hai"

Now just assume a character Miss X.Actually she is the one who asked me to write something on this whole hindi issue;as she was more than impressed by it(movier are not the only place gals are impressed by stupidities I realise).I wont be mentioning the name of the girl,and will call her Miss X.Some of the weird sentences which our literary genius managed in this episode:
"Annie mast ladki hai,Miss X ko fix kara diya"...."aaj Miss X dinner pe aane se majjaa aa jaayega".Actually the fact is that Annie didnt 'fix' anyone,it was just that we were getting to meet someone through a common friend.And when Miss X was around,MK kept coming up with wonders in his own unimitable style:
"bye bye de denge"
"ye bhi tujhe paneer dikhti hai"(referring to a non-paneer dish served at a dhaaba)..."tumne aisa aisa boli hai"......As my friend Gauri(from Gzb,u must remember by now)remarked once,"MK ek line mein infinite baar gender change karta hai"....not far from being true,one feels :)

Another evening where we had great fun on the roads of IIT,teasing each other,and playing around like small children,MK's genius remained a special treat.
"marenge na tamasha ek"(am sure it was more than a slip of tongue)
"Shilpika to gaya" (god bless the verb-subject agreement)
"aise behenship thode na hota hai"(another one of my favourites)
.....and the memorable...."tu to moti hai,tu charbee khaati reh"

His contribution was really significant in making the trip a grand success,with the 'innocent' linguistic mistakes playing the main part.I could give such a detailed account a couple of months after the event as I maintained a record of these funny ones in my diary during the trip :)....

But my intention is not to make a mockery of my friend. Actually these statements are indicative of his innocence and the fact that he doesnt make needless attempts to hide his shortcomings in front of his friends....after all,who else will help him improve.And we know that we dont have to just laugh at these comments but always try and rectify them and help our friend.Anyway,am pretty sure of MK speaking fluently in the language one day....he has great learning attitude,caring and helpful friends and above 'actual literary genius' of this language in his friend circle :P
Till then lets just enjoy it as it comes :)


prity said...

mast, i didn't know mk aise bolta hai. :)

kavya said...

bahut mazaa aaya padhke poora story especially bcoz am an eye and ear witness to all those sentences uttered by MK,the gr8!!:)
mere baare me jo mention kiya gaya hai wo bhi bahut swt laga mujhe,thnx fo that too...
bahut hi interesting way me present kiya hai sab kuch tumne,ekdum mast laga and mujhe un mastibhare dino ki (IIT-KGP wale)yaad dila di...sach me it was indeed special for me for all the reasons mentioned by u but specially coz of U and MK...sach me unforgettable personality hai and uska hindi na sunte to sach me kuchh miss karte...:D
waise mera man nahi bhara sab padhke,aisa laga ki aur padhte rahe...ise continue rakhna tum...and tumhara apne diary me uske comments note karna achcha rang laaya na :P

Ragini said...

kya kahein sajal ji... is post ka to humein kab se intezaar tha..

maza aa gaya !!!! :)

संजय तिवारी said...

यह ब्लाग बहुत कोमल है. क्या आपने इसे पढ़ा?


thanks prity....

kavya,am pleased that u enjoyed it....vaise aapka naam to kahin liya hi nahi gaya hai :P ....really the days were special...vaise am not sure if i will actually continue it...the ending was fitting...still MK form mein raha to future mein we can be treated to more such posts :)

thanks ragini(???)....aapke liye hi to likhi hai humne :)

sanjay ji ka bhi shukriya

Shivrath said...

mast likha hai
but sajal is lying, the actual intention is to make fun of MK. We all love mocking him and correcting him whenever he utters such beautiful lines, and he sort of enjoys it too, tries to show us an emotional face...but we will never let him escape.

vivek's....... said...

mast!!! sach mein kutch huuhaa hindi bola tha banda ktj ke time...nice recap!!great going..keep blogging


well shivrath i know u said that in a light humour....but really my intention is not to make fun of me....jokes are best enjoyed when one laughs at situations and not people...:P
we ppl really enjoy it....but one day ur lingo will actually rock MK dude....till then we will enjoy

thanks for the comment vivek...even it was very sweet for me revisiting those moments :)

6 posts in less than 24 hours is by far the best response that i have received... and thats encouraging(though i know my poems wont get such response in near future....)

thanks everyone....thanks again...

MJ-Nothing is impossible coz impossible itself says:"I M POSSIBLE" said...

"here i am"-offcourse m not reffering to bryan adam's song.its me-MK.

so so nice to read this masterpiece.sajal keep it up.the way u expressed everything,the fun and the mockery,the friendship among all of us is so presentable.

gr8 work buddy."aashsaa karte hain aisa likhte rahoge"---is that better?

Harsh said...

Great yaar.....

MK ki Hindi sudhre naa sudhre kuch dino mein hum sab bhi aise hi bolne lage gi..

sajal said...

@ mk .... this line is really cute and correct....(rarely u manage such a combo) glad that u liked it...keep entertaining us :)

shukriya harsh..tumse blog pe pehla comment paake achha laga :)

aditi said...

हाहाहा होहोहो ......बहुत बढिया....कुछ कुछ तो मेरा सुना हुआ था....हे हे म के भैया तो मस्त है...और वो गौरि भैया का लाईन बहुत अछा थी....वेरी गुड भाइ कीप फ़्लोवीन्ग....

sajal said...

thanks sis....nice surprise :P

Ragini said...

wow.. kya sahi hindi likhi hai, aisa hi chalta raha to bahut jald hum sab apki original bhasha miss karne lagenge :(

kyun doston?? :P ;)